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If you’ve broken your camera or your work horse just needs a bit of TLC, either way, we’ve got you covered with repair and service prices for most cine camera models catering for all budgets! Just fill in your info down below and we’ll contact you with some prices SAME DAY

Here’s a few service prices only for our most popular super 8 cameras

A service does not include repairing any faults, a service only includes the following:

– Light meter calibrations

– Cleaning and re-greasing all internal gears

– Cleaning the shutter

– Polishing the film gate and film claw

– Cleaning and polishing lens as best as possible

– Polishing all externals of the camera

– Cleaning any corrosion or rust on or in the camera


Nizo Compact Servicing

Nizo 136 

Nizo 148 

Nizo 156

Prices include all Macro and XL models

Prices from £100

Nizo servicing

Nizo S480

Nizo 481

Nizo S560 

Nizo 561

Prices include all Macro models

Prices from £150

Nizo Pro Servicing

Nizo S800 

Nizo 801 

Nizo Professional

Prices include all Macro models

Prices from £180

More information

We don't just service Nizo Super 8 models, we service almost any cine camera. Fill out the form below for a quote from our team.

Our new booking process explained:

To prevent a backlog of repairs as we have experienced in the past we are now using a booking system. Once you have emailed us and have given us all the information we need, we will then tell you about our available dates. Next, you will need to send your camera to us so it arrives on or around the date we provided. From the date we receive the camera the turnaround time will be approximately 7-10 working days.

We're hoping this system will keep us busy and also make sure we keep all our customers happy with their turnaround times.

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